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Differentiated Learning with Odeum
Differentiated Learning with Odeum
June 20 2016 | No Comments |

Differentiated instruction is one of the best ways teachers can reach out to their students and ensure that they understand and retain lesson material. According to Wikipedia, differentiated learning is “tailoring instruction to meet individual nee [...]

21st Century Critical Thinking Skills
June 09 2016 | No Comments |

Today’s student is facing an even more fast-paced and knowledge driven society than what teachers prepared students for just a few years ago. Information is everything, and it is changing at a rapid pace. Students who cannot keep up with new knowle [...]

21st Century Critical Thinking Skills
Good News coming from Google I/O
Good News coming from Google I/O
May 20 2016 | No Comments |

There are two big announcements from this week’s Google I/O that have a profound impact on Odeum’s accessibility in the classroom. The first is the ability to play Odeum directly from Google Classroom and the second is Odeum coming to Chromebooks [...]

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