LOVE Learning

Experience language learning and history first hand by living it.


Deeper Connections
Deeper Learning

Imagine a world where you are transported into the places you are learning about. Where you are not just taught about the causes of the Revolutionary War but you know them deeply because you actually lived through them. A world where learning languages isn't simply repeating grammar patterns, but actually traveling to a foreign location. That world is here. That world is Odeum.


Learning by Doing

Improve Critical Thinking and Empathy through role-playing experiences based on common core curriculum.

Personalized Learning

A.I. adapts content as the student plays to maximize learning and provide additional help when needed.


Get immediate feedback on student understanding and learning gaps so you can adjust lessons accordingly.

Engaging Role-Playing Experiences

Take an adventure in learning with one of our
upcoming experiences.

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Chinese Learning Adventure

Coming SUMMER 2021


Patriots Revolt

Coming FALL 2021

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