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  1. Welcome

    1. Introductions

      Introduce yourself and tell us about how you use (or would like to use) games in the classroom.

    2. General Discusion

      Tell us about how you're using the platform, get advice on integrating games into your classroom, or any other topic.

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  2. Platform

    1. Game Ideas and Requests

      Got a great game idea? Want to see a new character or 3D environment added? Tell us about your idea!

    2. Game Announcements

      Check here for updates on new Games and assets added to the platform.

    3. Support

      Post your questions here and someone will help you out.

    4. Stages

      All posts related to the different stages in Odeum. A stage is similar to the stage in a theatre. It is the 3D environment actors (characters) are immersed in. Can also be thought of as a map or level in a game.

    5. Actors

      Actors are the 3D Characters in Odeum. An actor can be your avatar that you play as when in the game or an actor can be one of the non-playing characters (NPC) that a player interacts with in the game world.

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