Good News coming from Google I/O

There are two big announcements from this week’s Google I/O that have a profound impact on Odeum’s accessibility in the classroom. The first is the ability to play Odeum directly from Google Classroom and the second is Odeum coming to Chromebooks!

Odeum in Google Classroom
Google announced at Google I/O this week they are adding the ability to integrate course work to their Google Classroom API. This means games from our library could be assigned to students directly in Google Classroom. Students in Google Classroom simply click on the game and they are instantly launched directly into the virtual world. Teachers would then be able to click on the work when completed and view the results. We’re trying to make using Odeum as easy as possible and this helps us for those using Google Classroom.

Odeum on Chromebooks
Google also announced they are integrating Google Play, the Android marketplace, into Chromebooks. We have always had Chromebook integration on the roadmap for Odeum but this significantly bumps the timeline. Google will give us access starting in June which will allow us to have Odeum ready on Chromebooks for the 2016/17 school year!

Beyond just Google integration, we continue working on integration with other LMS (learning management systems) including Blackboard and Moodle. Is there an LMS you use that you want us to make sure we integrate with? Let us know here.

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